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2018 National Choir Day at the HollandThe 25 minute mini-concert was professionally recorded at the Holland Center!

2018 EHC Art Show Results


Danielle Meyer

1st in Acrylics

BEST OF SHOW 2D in Colored Pencil

1st in Watercolor

High Distinction (Purple) in Sculpture

3rd in Sculpture (clay)

Celeste Allen-Lopez

3rd in Acrylics

Abbie Carmichael

1st in Charcoal

2nd in Ink

Evie Lin

2nd in Charcoal

Carter Anderson

2nd in Charcoal

1st in Watercolor

Ashten Rennerfeldt

2nd in Charcoal

Juli Berling

2nd in Charcoal

Trey Deemer

3rd in Charcoal

3rd in Watercolor

Megan Bousquet

2nd in Colored Pencil

2nd in Ink

3rd in Mixed Media

Mequel Wilson

2nd in Colored Pencil

1st in Graphite

3rd in Ink

1st in Markers

3rd in Mixed Media

1st in Watercolor

Daniel Sechler

2nd in Markers

3rd in Pastels

Grace Pille

1st in Pastels

Lane Peterson

3rd in Watercolor

Justine Kopietz

2nd in Watercolor

Gracie Monson

2nd in Sculpture

Danielle with her work.
Evie with her work.
Carter with his work.
Mequel with her work.
Grace with her work.
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