2019 Wayne State JH Music Contest:
2019 Wayne State JH Music Contest:
Gerald Brand
Friday, March 08, 2019

JH Concert Choir- I+ (out of the 39 choirs that were critiqued today, only five received l+'s ... WOW!)

Caleb S, Trumpet Solo- I

Shelby P, Flute Solo- I

Avery B, Trombone Solo- II

Sam C and Lillian E, Clarinet Duet- 1-

Percussion Ensemble- I

Emily R, Vocal Solo- I

River w, Vocal Solo- I

Caleb s, voca l Solo- I

Luke R, Vocal Solo- I

Emma J, Vocal Solo- II

Shea and Laryn J, Vocal Duet- I

Caleb Sand Shelby P, Vocal Duet-I

Small Vocal Ensemble "Sold ier•- I

Small Vocal Ensemble "How Can I Keep from Singing•- I

Small Vocal Ensemble •cangoma• - I

JH Band- I